This class website offers most of the online curriculum for English 9 Honors, and is designed to provide exposure to expectations of typical online learning environments, particularly through consistent participation in online message boards. These forums will serve to promote more effective written communication, collaboration, and peer review. 

Discussions are ongoing, so students are expected to follow directions, read their peers' posts, and make appropriate replies to exhibit their participation. All writing--unless otherwise stated--should be academic in nature and show evidence of the students' current writing abilities. Posts that are immature, redundant, and not proofread will yield a lower grade.

Points are typically earned in two stages: the first is their formal response to a prompt that establishes a new thread; and the second stage is their reading and replying to their peers. These points will be combined into one final score. As the objective of the discussion boards is to practice communication and writing skills, students may continue to post on discussion threads throughout the semester, and their points will continue to go up. However, posts done after the due date will receive half of what they would originally have been worth, and students will be capped at 80% of the total score.

Though students do not need to visit the site every day, they should check it a few times a week to ensure they are keeping up with the posts of their peers and have a better chance to earn points through multiple replies. New discussions are posted shortly after the final due date of replies. 

Lastly, students should use the site to communicate with others regarding questions they have while they are not at school, assist each other in improving their writing, and seek to employ Socratic inquiry to foster more engaging, in-depth discussions.