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    Welcome everyone! From now on, this is where you can come to get anything you need related to Psychology. If you miss a class and need to know what needs to be made up, refer to the course content section to see what we are working on. Listed here will be all the activities we will engage in each week, from journals to lectures to packets and project instructions. There will also be a continuous listing of extra credit opportunities. This is also a good place to go if you want to work a little bit ahead or know that you will be missing school on particular days.
  • 13 January - 19 January

    This week marks the start of the second semester -- it's going to go faster than you think, Seniors -- and begin taking a look at Consciousness.

    Scheduled for the week:

    Tuesday: Journal #1 - Observing myself. Watch yourself from the outside. Pick a recent day in your life and describe it from the third-person point of view (using he or she). Don't be satisfied with merely reporting details; include opinions, evaluations, and so on. For example, "She argued with her dad for 30 minutes and would not admit to herself that she was being stubborn." Notice it's she, not I.   (In your notebooks, this goes on the next left-side page.) 

    We'll also be watching the next episode of the Crash Course series, this one appropriately named "Consciousness." Write down at least 10 thingfs that Hank talks about in the video. This is not extrea credit.

    Wednesday: Dream Journal Activity - We will be reviewing the instructions for your current project, to create a dream journal and provide an analysis. Note - This assignment will be due on Wednesday, February 7.

    Thursday and Friday: States of Consciousness - This is the first set of lecture notes for the semester. You'll be able to work from the chrome books as the lecture is given.

    Extra Credit: Also below is an article (well, actually two) on Consciousness. For anybody wanting some extra points, read the article " I Think, Therefore I Am?" and provide me with five key elements found in the article. In order to get the credit, they must be substantial. As a bonus, you may also read the associated interview with Dr. Christof Koch, extracting five key quotes from the answers he gave to the interview questions about consciousness. Either, or both, of these is due by the end of next week.

  • 20 January - 26 January


    Last week, the focus was on the different states of consciousness. We now look more specifically into, first, the unconscious realm, and then the various altered states of awareness. We'll do this by completing the following:

    1) The lecture on States of Consciousness concludes. The last part deals with sleep disorders. This should be completed by Tuesday.

    2) There are two Crash Course episodes scheduled for this week - "Sleep and Dreams" and "Altered States." You will be given worksheets for each episode to complete while watching the video and turn in at the beginning of the next class. Note: These are not for extra credit.

    3) By the end of the week, we'll be taking a look into the realm of hypnosis. It is a very short lecture, so we should get through it by Friday.

    Extra Credit: For anyone wanting to take an extra look into how drugs can alter consciousness, below you can find a Powerpoint lecture that I don't give anymore. Copying any or all of these notes can get up to 25 points.

  • 27 January - 2 February

    This week concludes our examination of Consciousness.

    Monday and Tuesday, classes will be exposed to the Conscious experience that is "The Yellow Submarine." There is a study guide for the film which can be found below. Please provide a paragraph answers of 3-5 sentences for each of the five thought questions. This will be due by next Wednesday, 2/5.

    By Friday, we will start the next unit on Motivation and Emotion. Work begins with the pages of the Motivation Packet, which you will do individually and place on left-side pages in your notebooks. This will be due next week.

    Lest we forget, there is a test this week. Check below for a study guide for the test. Using this, you may prepare a cheat sheet that may be used on the day of the test -- which, by the way, will be Friday 1/31.

    Once the test is done, you will begin work on the pages of the Motivation Packet. Although I will be giving you each page, the whole packet can be found below. All work goes on the left-side of your notebook.

    Finally, a reminder that the Dream Journal and essay analysis is due by next Friday, 2/7. The essay must be a standard 5-paragraph essay, typed, double-space and at least two pages long. Note: You may send the essay to me digitally by Sunday night, 2/9. The journal, however, must be shown me for grasde by Friday.

  • 3 February - 9 February

    This week I hope to motivate everybody enough to finish our look at that psychological concept. Along with completing the Motivation lecture (found below), we will determine how self-actualized you all are by reviewing Abraham Maslow's hierarchal pyramid of needs and the characteristics associated with self-actualized people. The list can be found below.

    We will also, by the end of the week, have watched the Crash Course episode, "The Power of Motivation." Anyone who prints out the study guide for the episode will be given one point of extra credit for each question completed. The study guide can be found below, as can the link to the video. These would be due by next Wednesday, 2/13/4.

  • 10 February - 16 February

    Image result for lincoln's birthday   

    Even if we can't control our emotions, perhaps this week we can learn what they are and why we have them. The notes can be found below. The lecture is actually in two parts, with Emotions being covered first and then Stress coming later. 

    To get you started thinking about emotions, your first assignment for this part of the unit will be to think about YOUR dominant emotion; the one that drives you the most.  We will then watch the first of two Crash Course episodes for this portion unit - "Feeling All the Feels." Again extra credit will be afforded for doing the study guide, which may be found below along with a link to the video. This is due the end of next week.

    NOTE: Because you just got the instructions for the Goal Booklet project, I decided to make the project usually associated with this part of the unit optional. So, if you so choose, the instructions for the Music and Emotion project can be found below. The deadline for it will be the first week of March. Maximum value = 40 points.

    FINAL NOTE: For anyone wanting to do test corrections for the Conscious Test, you may find the test below. As usual, download the test and copy entirely any question missed. Then provide the complete correction answer (both the letter and written answer). If it is a D - all of the above type answer, you'll need to include all the other choices as well. When done, attach your correction page to the original answer sheet and hand in by Friday, 2/14. You'll get back a point for each correction you get right.

  • 17 February - 23 February

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    Another four-day week thanks to all the other presidents.

    When we return on Tuesday, we will continue, in earnestness, our examination of Emotions. Beyond that, however, we will pay attention to the concept of stress and what it can lead to.

    If we can stay on schedule, I hope to show you the film "Inside Out" at the end of the week. There is a two-page study guide that accompanies the movie which I will pass out at that time. However, you can also find it below.

    Remember that the Goal Booklet project is due on Friday. As a visual aide, I've attached a folder below with a few examples of previous efforts.