Weekly outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Estrada's Forensic Biology Page

  • 17 February - 23 February

    Week 6

    Monday: No school

    Tuesday:Fill in the blank Notes on Ch 11 Death:Meaning, mechanism, cause, and time

    Wednesday:Forensic Files  "Breaking the Mold" evidence sheet due at the end of the period.

    Thursday:Identifying manner, cause, and mechanism of death packet. Due at the end of the period

    Friday:Go over answers/self grade work from this week. No NB check 

  • 24 February - 1 March

    Week 7

    Monday: Stem Expo inquiry assignment in google classroom, Due Wednesday in google classroom.

    Tuesday: Rigor Mortis Hand Handout. Copy the timeline data table in your NB then answer Part A & B in your NB. Label sections and number your questions. 

    Wednesday: Forensic Files "Broken Bond"  No notes this week :) 

    Thursday: Algor Mortis Handout. Answer questions in Your NB. Label sections and number your questions. 

    Friday:Forensic Pathologist Career Webquest. Tape into Notebook and turn in by the end of the period. 

  • 2 March - 8 March

    Week 8

    Monday: Notes on forensic entomology, Forensic Entomology review packet

    Tuesday: Finish Entomology Review Packet

    Wednesday:SAT DAY 

    Thursday:Forensic Files: Flies, Cats and Snapshots

    Friday: Pig head decomposition. Take notes on weight, date, temperature, loacation, procedure. Go over Time of Death project NB check

  • 9 March - 15 March

    WEEK 9

    Monday:Pig Field Trip, work on time of death project

    Tuesday: Entomology activity "Crime Solving Insects" answer in NB

    Wednesday:Forensic Files  "Insects Clues"

    Thursday: Pig Field Trip

    Friday: Body Farm video. Questions due at the end of the period. 

  • 16 March - 22 March


    Spring Break March 16-April 1

    Beginning April 2nd, I will be posting weekly assignments in Google classroom.

    The first "packet" of work will be posted April 2nd and due by April 10th

    The second "packet" will be posted April 13th and due by the 17th

    The third "packet" will be posted April 20th and due by the 24th