Weekly outline

  • General

    Welcome to Mrs. Estrada's Forensic Biology Page

  • 13 January - 19 January

    Week 1

    Monday:Hand out rules/procedures (4th amendment separate sheet of paper)

    Tuesday:Read pages 276-284. Write out vocab words & definitions. Notes on Handwriting Analysis Slides #1-25 only (NB)

    Wednesday:Catch Me if You Can (fill out packet, turn in at the end of the period)

    Thursday: Handwriting analysis activity page #294-296 fill out data table 1 & 2 and answer questions #1-6 (NB)

    Friday: NIST assignment in google classroom. NB check 

  • 20 January - 26 January

    Week 2

     Monday: No School MLK day 

    Tuesday: 1.Revise your NIST slide in google classroom. 2.Review Questions page #292  from chapter 10 Write out in your NB (include question in your answer) #1,3,4,6,11-14

    Wednesday:Catch Me if You Can (fill out packet and turn in ) 

    Thursday: Careers in Forensics page #291 The Hitler Diaries (NB)

    Friday:  Ransom Note Activity (separate sheet of paper) turn in to sorter 

  • 27 January - 2 February

    Week 3

    Monday: Catch up Day. 

    Tuesday: Catch me if you can.

    Wednesday:Finish Movie and Questions

    Thursday:NIST Quiz. Forgery notes slides #26-40


  • 3 February - 9 February

    Week 4

    Monday: Finish $10 bill examination. (page 304-307 in textbook link) Complete part C& D in notebook. Redo the pre test (part A). This time you can look up the answers for the pre test. 

    Tuesday: Study Guide for ch 10 test. (NB) 

    Wednesday:Student Free Day

    Thursday:Chapter 10 test.

    Friday:Ink chromotography lab. Notebook check 

  • 10 February - 16 February

    Week 5

    Monday: No School 

    Tuesday: Redo Ch 10 test

    Wednesday:Forensic Files. Due at end of the period

    Thursday:Body Decomp Article/Questions due at the end of the period

    Friday: Anatomical Heart for Valentines Day 

  • 17 February - 23 February

    Week 6

    Monday: No school

    Tuesday:Fill in the blank Notes on Ch 11 Death:Meaning, mechanism, cause, and time

    Wednesday:Forensic Files  "Breaking the Mold" evidence sheet due at the end of the period.

    Thursday:Identifying manner, cause, and mechanism of death packet. Due at the end of the period

    Friday:Go over answers/self grade work from this week. No NB check 

  • This week

    24 February - 1 March

    Week 7

    Monday: Stem Expo inquiry assignment in google classroom, Due Wednesday in google classroom.

    Tuesday: Rigor Mortis Hand Handout. Copy the timeline data table in your NB then answer Part A & B in your NB. Label sections and number your questions. 

    Wednesday: Forensic Files "Broken Bond"  

    Thursday: Algor Mortis Handout. Answer questions in Your NB. Label sections and number your questions. 

    Friday:Forensic Pathologist Career Webquest. Tape into Notebook and turn in by the end of the period. 

  • 2 March - 8 March

    Week 8