Section outline

  • This week marks the start of the second semester -- it's going to go faster than you think, Seniors -- and begin taking a look at Consciousness.

    Scheduled for the week:

    Tuesday: Journal #1 - Observing myself. Watch yourself from the outside. Pick a recent day in your life and describe it from the third-person point of view (using he or she). Don't be satisfied with merely reporting details; include opinions, evaluations, and so on. For example, "She argued with her dad for 30 minutes and would not admit to herself that she was being stubborn." Notice it's she, not I.   (In your notebooks, this goes on the next left-side page.) 

    We'll also be watching the next episode of the Crash Course series, this one appropriately named "Consciousness." Write down at least 10 thingfs that Hank talks about in the video. This is not extrea credit.

    Wednesday: Dream Journal Activity - We will be reviewing the instructions for your current project, to create a dream journal and provide an analysis. Note - This assignment will be due on Wednesday, February 7.

    Thursday and Friday: States of Consciousness - This is the first set of lecture notes for the semester. You'll be able to work from the chrome books as the lecture is given.

    Extra Credit: Also below is an article (well, actually two) on Consciousness. For anybody wanting some extra points, read the article " I Think, Therefore I Am?" and provide me with five key elements found in the article. In order to get the credit, they must be substantial. As a bonus, you may also read the associated interview with Dr. Christof Koch, extracting five key quotes from the answers he gave to the interview questions about consciousness. Either, or both, of these is due by the end of next week.