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Google Login for Moodle Enabled

by Stewart Dan -

You can now use your Google account to login to Moodle.  On the Login page, simply click the Google icon, and login normally.

If you already have a Moodle account using the same email address, Moodle will send an email to your account to link the two accounts together.

You don't have to use your Google account, so if you're happy logging in the way you are now, you can continue to do so.




Moodle Secure Exam Browser for Chromebooks

by Stewart Dan -

For those teachers using Moodle with Chromebooks, there is now a Secure Exam Browser that will help prevent students from accessing other websites during quizzes and tests, like the Safe Exam Browser does on Windows computers.

To access the Moodle Secure Exam Browser on a Chromebook, simply have students logoff or restart the Chromebook, then on the Login page, in the Apps menu (bottom left of the screen) pick AVUHSD Moodle - Secure Exam Browser.

Account Policies

by Stewart Dan -

Effective immediately:

  All user accounts on the Moodle system require a real first and last name to be entered in the users profile.  No special characters, numbers, or vulgar/profane words will be allowed in the username, first name or last name fields.  Any accounts that violate this rule will be deleted without warning.