Journal Dates 10/18/2016-11/10/2016

Phase 1 Due by 11/12/2016 1800 hrs.

Welcome to Health Careers Level II. Please check each week for any information or assignments related to this class. You must participate in order to receive your credits at the end of the semester. Thank you.

This EMT course is offered at the AVROP site and is for adults only.  After Completion of this course, the passing students may sit for the national registry exam for EMT-B, and after passing this exam may apply for certification in Los Angeles County. 

EMT's may work on ambulances, in hospitals, for the fire departments, law enforcement agencies, and in the military.  In general, EMT's provide treatment and transport to ill or injured patients.

This course will provide instruction and training for students interested in careers realated to veterinary medicine. Students who acheive competency in this course will develop knowledge and skills in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, parasitology, diseases, pharmacology, surgery, and genetics. Other topics include career exploration, animal management, animals in society, and office management. Participation in extra-curricular animal relate activities such as FFA, 4-H, and AKC events is strongly recommended.

Welcome! This course is all about speaking a new language. Medical terminology! You will learn some Greak, Latin, and Italians. You will also know  basic anatomy, physiology.

The Medical Terminology Online Course is designed to facilitate learning and comprehension of the basics of medical terminology in relation to each system of the body. This online course combines an interactive study experience, as well as learning at your own pace. Students will learn to use proper terminology and spelling for major pathological conditions.