Welcome to CompTIA A+ certification course for computer repair at Antelope Valley Adult Education (1 year).

Welcome to CompTIA Security+ certification course for cyber security at Antelope Valley Adult Education (1 semester).

Welcome to CompTIA Network+ certification course for network administrator at Antelope Valley Adult Education (1 semester).

This course in an introduction to Computer Science and Programming.  We will cover topics such as internet privacy, digital footprints, cyber bullying, programming in SNAP, e-Portfolios, and digital literacy.  This course has an Algebra 1 prerequisite as the programming portion, which is a large part of the course, deals with algebraic algorithms and abstraction.

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The AP Computer Science course is an introductory course in computer science. This course should be considered as integral to the Engineering and Video Game Design Academy pathways. Because the development of computer programs to solve problems is a skill fundamental to the study of computer science, a large part of the course is built around the development of computer programs or parts of programs that correctly solve a given problem. The course also emphasizes the design issues that make programs understandable, adaptable, and when appropriate, reusable. Students build their own application software using Java. In addition, an understanding of the basic hardware and software components of computer systems and the responsible use of these systems are integral parts of the course.

This course will introduce students to digital design. Focus will be placed on introducing the student to art, design, and the technologies of this new media. Upon completion of this course, students should be able to create fashion, room and car illustrations for their portfolios Animation in 2-D format and its application in current industries will be an integral part of the class. Introduction to 3-D format background and character development will be incorporated, as well. In addition, other forms of multimedia will be explored including film analysis and rudimentary shot techniques using video cameras and digital photography. This integrated curriculum forms a solid groundwork from which students may build upon in Multimedia Contemporary Design II and is the first sequence of classes in the Interactive Media Technology Pathway. This multimedia class has been structured to reflect the California Career Technical Education Standards , the California Challenge Standards for Visual Arts, and the National Education Technology Standards.