Section outline


    Last week, the focus was on the different states of consciousness. We now look more specifically into, first, the unconscious realm, and then the various altered states of awareness. We'll do this by completing the following:

    1) The lecture on States of Consciousness concludes. The last part deals with sleep disorders. This should be completed by Tuesday.

    2) There are two Crash Course episodes scheduled for this week - "Sleep and Dreams" and "Altered States." You will be given worksheets for each episode to complete while watching the video and turn in at the beginning of the next class. Note: These are not for extra credit.

    3) By the end of the week, we'll be taking a look into the realm of hypnosis. It is a very short lecture, so we should get through it by Friday.

    Extra Credit: For anyone wanting to take an extra look into how drugs can alter consciousness, below you can find a Powerpoint lecture that I don't give anymore. Copying any or all of these notes can get up to 25 points.