Section outline

  • This week, we finish our thematic examination of the 19th-century starting with a gallery walk of your group-produced timelines. Each student will be expected to write down a minimum of four pieces of information from each decade timeline (at least one from each theme), plus four of your choosing from any of the timelines, producing a total of 40. From there, create a tree map (Preparing for the 20th Century is the theme), and write a 6-paragraph essay. All three (notes, tree map, and essay) will be due next Tuesday when we return from our three-day weekend.  To help you out, you can access photo representations of the timelines below (look to the folder with your class on it). You may also find more detailed instructions below.

    As for the second part of the week, we will begin our study of U.S. Immigration. The unit, which will last the next four weeks, begins with a spirited Anticipation/Reaction Guide activity on Wednesday. Thursday/Friday, we will start to take a closer look at 19th century immigration via lecture, video, and worksheet activity. The word version of the lecture notes, titled "Coming to America," can be found below. Also below is the activity, "The Immigrant in America."