Section outline

  • This week, we move into the second half of the unit by examining immigration in the 20th century.

    We'll start by taking a look at the adjustment that newly-arrived immigrants had to go through at the beginning of the 1900s. Thought question: Is it really any different now than it was at the turn of the last century? 

    The schedule for the week will be:


    - Wrap up your notes for the lecture Coming to America.


    1) Journal: Is the message of the poem " The New Colossus" on the Statue of Liberty true today? Was it ever?

    2) Read the article "Educating Immigrant Children" (found below). Write down 15 facts/notes/pieces of information, and then answer the three discussion questions at the end of the article.


    We will be viewing the short video (and, yes, it is actually a video) "Dreams in the Golden Country." If you want to do the extra credit study guide for the short video "Dreams in the Golden Country," print out the activity below and fill it in. Extra credit points are in accordance with what you complete. This is due next Monday.


    We turn to the text and workbooks for the first time this year. You assignment will be to complete the activities "Immigration" and "Welcome to All!" on pages 70-73 in your workbooks. To help you, refer to Chapter 3, Lesson 3 (starting on p. 147) of your text.


    Since you read about Angel Island (the western port of entry mainly for Chinese immigrants), today you'll 1) copy down a short set of lecture notes on the Chinese immigration of the late 19th century, and 2) complete the activity "Hinton Rowan Helper on Chinese Immigration" (pg. 74-5) in your workbooks.