Section outline

  • This week, we move deeper into our study of Women in American History. Our focus now is on the ever changing role of women as the 20th century progressed forward from the 1920s through World War II.

    Our activities for the week include:

    1) Opener - In your groups, read through the quotes found in "The Changing Role of Women, 1870-1920." Individually, choose one quote and write it out in your notebooks Beneath each quote, write a short paragraph expressing the main topic of said quote.

    2) Read "The Changing Behavior of Women." In your notebooks, number from 1-5. For each scenario, write Traditional or Changing to identify the behavior described. Write 1-3 sentences indicating why you think that way.

    3) Lecture notes - Copy all the information from the notes, "Women in the 1920s."

    4) Reading - "We Can Do It! Wartime Women in Baseball." Provide 20 facts/notes/pieces of information and then answer Questions for Discussion at the end of the article.

    Note: Moving into next week, we will be watching "A League of Their Own," about the women's baseball league created during WWII. However, it will not be a normal week. Tuesday will feature an all-day literacy event. Wednesday, students do not come to school. Thursday is a flex day. So, whether we actually watch the movie or not is entirely dependent on you getting the other assignments done.