Section outline

  • Wrapping up our study of Women in America this week, we'll move from the ball fields to the factories of World War II America. What happened to women when the war ended and the men came back home? What was the prevailing attitude through the '50s, '60s and '70s?

    We start this final leg of study with a group/individual activity called "Rosie the Riveter: From War Work to Women's Lib?" As a group, read through the text found below and answer the six questions that follow. Then, individually, respond the prompt in Part B.

    Then, turning to your workbooks, you'll find a quartet of activities to be completed:                                          1) On pages 344-45, "Presidential Committee on the Status of Women."

          2) On pages 414-15, "The Feminist Movement." You'll need to review Lesson 2 of Chapter 17 (pg.                   625-30) in order to complete this activity.

          3) On pages 416-17, "Women's Equality Day."

          4) On pages 418-19, "The Passage of Title IX."