Section outline

  • This week marks the first of many in which we examine the story of specific groups in the United States. Over the next several weeks, we will be taking a look at the history of Mexican Americans, Asians (the Chinese in particular), Native Americans, and African Americans. This week, the focus is on those with a heritage to the south.

    On the agenda for Monday-Wednesday is:

    1) Reading assignment - "Mexican Americans in the United States." In the Chromebooks, find the link below for the article. Study guides for the reading will be passed out to you. (It also can be found below.) Yes, you may write on the handouts. And, no, you do not have to answer in complete sentences. The first 15 questions pertain to the reading.

    2) Video - American Dream - The Mexican Experience. As we watch the video (the link of which can be found below), answer the questions 16-20 on the study guide. Note: most of the remaining five questions are two-parters.

    3) Lecture/discussion - "Farm Workers." This short set of lecture notes focuses on the plight of the farm workers (mostly Mexicans) who labored in the fields for little compensation.

    Thursday and Friday, with Halloween and then Day of the Dead, you will get to learn a little about the latter of those two celebrations. Although the packet activity can be found below, physical copies will be handed out to you.

    EXTRA CREDIT -- There are a few workbook activities that can also be done this week for extra credit. They include: 1) "Latino Americans Organize" on pages 420-21 (to complete, you need to read Lesson 3 of Chapter 17); 2) "Remembering the United Farm Workers" on pages 423-23; and 3) "Overview of Mexican-American Education"on pages 424-25.