Section outline

  • Once we complete the lecture notes on "Farms Workers" and watch a short video on Cesar Chavez, we will move quickly into a quick examination of the Chinese experience in America.

    At the beginning of the week:
        1) We will revisit the Chinese Immigration notes you copied down during the immigration unit. This is just review.You don't need to write them.
        2) Following that is a reading assignment called "Prejudice ... fault is found with us" (found below)
            - As you read this, please refer to the Reading Response Questions (also found below). Answer the five questions provided and then write a paragraph or more in response to the prompt  --  Theorize one or more reasons why the Americans may have held a dislike for Chinese immigrants.

    At the end of the week, we continue our look at the Chinese experience with a review of two more reading sources:
        1) First, read and take notes on "Chinese Exclusion Forms." (This is also below) Using this document, you will 1) write down 15 facts from the text; 2) answer the three reading questions found in the sticky note at the top of the document; and 3) formulate two more hypothetical questions of your own relating to what you read and the way it is now.
        2) Read and respond to the short article "That Will Be The Day," which deals with Asian stereotypes in Hollywood. (found below) As you read, 1) respond to the questions that follow; and 2) write five personal impressions you got from the reading.