Section outline

  • This is the part of the unit where we get to our native roots, Native Americans, that is.

    Our examination this week, will focus on the origins of the native peoples' relationship with the Europeans that came and took over. The following are the activities I have planned for you.

    1) It starts with a journal. "Some day son, ..." Open the cartoon and examine it. Who is in the drawing? What do you see in the background? How does this parody other pop culture sources like The Lion King? Write a paragraph or more on your response to what you see.

    2) Lecture/discussion - "US-Indian Relations." Though not a Powerpoint, these are lecture notes to be copied. Your job is - as usual - to take notes on what is on the screen.

    3) Reading - "The Clash of Cultures." While reading this article, take note of the differing views that each group had about the other, Create a T-chart, citing up to five (5) opinions the settlers and Indians had about each other. Then, answer the four (4) questions which follow the reading.