Section outline

  • Into the final stretch of the semester, this week we move onto an examination of African Americans in the 19th century.

    The following activities should be completed by Friday:

    1) Slavery Activity -- Begin this four-part assignment by titling it Slavery Activity at the top of the page. Then, do the following: 1) Skip two lines, write the subtitle Antebellum South Notes, and transcribe the notes provided below into your notebook; 2) Skip another two lines, write the subtitle Slave Laws of the South, and transcribe those into your notebook; 3) Skip another two lines, write the subtitle Slave/Ownership Facts and, after referring to the charts below on slave and ownership numbers, write down five facts/pieces of information/observations from the charts; and 4) answer the questions to a quick quiz that will be provided to you when the other three parts are complete.

    2) Night Forever: Slavery in the American South -- Read the account of slavery in pre-Civil War America. Under the title of Slavery in the American South, write down 15 facts/pieces of information/observations extracted from the readings. When done, answer in complete sentences the four questions under For Discussion and Writing.

    3) In your workbook, complete the activity "Frederick Douglass" on pages 16-17.

    Extra Credit: We will be watching the Crash Course episode "Slavery" this week. Anyone wanting some extra credit, may complete the accompanying worksheet by either copying down the questions or printing it out.

    BONUS EXTRA CREDIT: Completing a Powerpoint presentation on a minority leader of the 20th century can net you up to 75 points, if the project is conceived and completed during Saturday School, 12/7. You can sign up to attend in class.