Section outline

  • We wrap up the semester this week. Unfortunately, we are only halfway through our study of Black Struggles in America. But, we will resume it next semester with a look at the continued struggle for equality in the 20th century.

    As for this week, there are still a couple of activities on the agenda which, by the way, must be completed on the days they are assigned. These are as follows:

    1) The Legal Equality v. Social Reality packet handed out last week is due Monday.

    2) A duo of workbook activities: 1) "The Fourteenth Amendment" on pages 32-33, and 2) "Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan on Plessy v. Ferguson" on pages 86-87.

    3) This last one is actually for extra credit, and my be turned in as late as final day. "The Black Man and the Fifteenth Amendment." It can be found below. Just access the article and provide up to 25 facts/thoughts/notes/pieces of information that relate to the reading.

    Special Note: As I've said already in class, there is no "final" for this class. Rather, the test that would have been given to close out the semester will instead be taken the section on Blacks in American History concludes in early February.