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    Since we have Monday off in his honor, and he happens to be at the heart of the Civil Rights movement (which we are currently studying), I felt it appropriate to offer you some extra credit by examining his famous "I Have A Dream" speech and answering some review questions. Both the text of the speech and the study guide for it can be found below. For Extra Credit, just print out the review and answer whatever questions you choose.

    When we return on Tuesday, we will read as a class, the article on Jackie Robinson, "Desegregation Begins With a Baseball." When done, or as we make our way through the piece, writw down 15 pieces of information about the man who broke the color barrier in professional baseball. This activity will be followed on Wednesday-Friday (if needed) with a viewing of the film "42."

    At the end of the end, and into next week will begin the Civil Rights Projects within your table groups. I will allot at least two periods over the next two weeks to working on this in class The instructions can be found below.