Section outline

  • This week, we bring to a close our study of the African-American struggle throughout the 20th century.

    With your projects due on Friday, you will be given all of Thursday to put the finishing touchesw on your work. Anyone who wants to present their's to the class for extra credit, may do so on Friday.

    In the meantime, we will take our study of race relations to the end of the 20th century. There are two reading assignments for this:

    1) Group reading - "A Crisis of Shattered Dreams." Everyone in the group read a section of the article (there are four, so groups may need to re-align). Each individual is to write five of what he/she deems to be the most important items from each section and then put them together so that everyone ends up with 20 items each.

    2) Individual reading - "The Greening of America's Black Middle Class." After reading this article, assume a pro or con stance and write a 4-5 paragraph essay, arguing the benefits of or detriments caused by affirmative action. In writing your essay, I want you to reference the article at least three times by quoting or paraphrasing it. Note: This may have to be a homework assignment, due in by week's end.

    Test: Since this is the end of the unit, there will be a taske-home test handed to everyone on Friday. This test, which will be a short-answer exam, will be due back to me by next Friday, 2/14 to hand it in. However, if all work is caught up and turned in by Friday, there will be no test. UPDATE: There will be no take-home test. The project is enough for a culmination grade. However, you can still do the extra credit test below. Follow the directions below and turn in by 2/14 for credit.

    Extra Credit: If you have managed to hold on to all of your notes going back to the beginning of the unit on Minorities in America, you may use them to take another test. This would have been the final for the first semester, had we been able to get through the African American section last semester. Just print out the exam found below, fill in what you can, and turn it in by week's end (2/7). You'll get one point for everfy question you get right.