Section outline

  • Our examination of Economics in American History continues this week with a look at the labor movement that spread throughout the country in the early years of the 20th century.

    Work for this week will be as follows:

    1) The Labor Movement, a combined note and activity assignment. I want you to highlight all the information areas.

    2) Reading: One Big Union - One Big Strike: The Story of the Wobblies. The instructions for this activity are on the article (found below) in yellow highlight. 

    3) A trio of workbook activities. These include: a) "Big Business and Unions," pp. 64-65 (you'll need to read pages 138-46 in the textbook to complete); b) "The Great Railroad Strike 0f July 1887," pp. 66-67; and c) "Sweatshop Conditions," pp. 78-79.