Section outline

  • With the end of the third quarter upon us, we will glide into Spring Break by finishing up this section of the Economics  I am sure that each of you is rested and full of energy to tackle the rest of what lays ahead. Before moving on, however, we still need to finish what we started - a look at America's economic history - last quarter.

    First up ... For those of you who didn't finish (specifically several A Blockers), you need to start of by completing the notes you were supposed to pull from each of the group presentations (the A Block folder can be found below).

    Once that is done, move on to what we need to accomplish this week...

    1) Muckraker reads - These are three short articles, a) The Bitter Cry of the Children." b) "The Woman Who Toils," and c) "The Jungle," from which you are to write five observations. Note: these are not notes or facts, but instead subjective responses to the material. (Start this on pg. 28, or the first right-side page that is open.)

    2) "Children Labor in America" - This is a left-side activity (pg. 29). You'll each be getting a copy to place in your notebooks.

    3) Henry Ford Quote - This also a left-side activity. Respond to the quote on pg. 31 (or the next open left-side page).

    4) Lecture notes - "Economics in the 1920s" Begin writing these notes (yes, I'll be lecturing) on pg. 30 (or the next open right-side page). Allow for about four right-side pages in your notebooks.