Section outline

  • This is, without a doubt, a very interesting time for us. As we enter the fourth quarter, all of your instruction from here on will be online. While all the assignments can still be found here on Moodle, I am in the process of bridging them all over to Google Classroom. For each of the writing activities, there is a Google Doc created for you to complete digitally and submit. However, if you want to continue working in your notebooks, that is fine too. Just take a pic of your work and send to me.

    First up ... I've placed most of the Labor Era Projects that have been turned in a single folder below. Your assignment here is to read through the projects and extract three pieces of information from at least ten of the projects in the folder (it doesn't matter what period produced it). Obviously, do not repeat any of the topics. This may be one you want to do using Google Docs.

    Once that is done, move on to what we need to accomplish this week...

    1) Muckraker reads - These are three short articles, a) The Bitter Cry of the Children." b) "The Woman Who Toils," and c) "The Jungle," from which you are to write five observations. Note: these are not notes or facts, but instead subjective responses to the material. 

    2) "Children Labor in America" - Answer the five questions in response to the text and visuals.