Section outline

  • Our focus this week is the economic boom, and ultimate bust, if the Roaring 1920s.

    Your activities include the following:

    1) Henry Ford Quote - Respond to the quote with a paragraph or more.

    2) Lecture notes - "Economics in the 1920s." Copy them if you like, or you may instead complete the outline provided for you.

    3) Article reading - "The Changing Nature of Work." As you read, answer the accompanying questions on a separate link below. Note: You do not have to copy the questions so long as the answer includes the contents of the question. 

    4) Note-taking and graph - Read the article "Route 66: Impact on (Economic) History." After reading, complete the following:
        A) Write down five key facts about Route 66
        B) Answer the questions provided
        C) Complete the pinwheel chart highlighting the significance of the auto industry on other areas