Section outline

  • This week, we move from the economic prosperity of the 1920s to the Great Depression that was the 1930s.

    In doing so, this is what's on the agenda:

    1) Journal - Great Depression -  Read through the factsheet found below (in Google Classroom it is embedded in the title of the assignment document). Choose any one of the topics written about, and write a personal response in a paragraph or more. Your response can take the form of an opinion about the chosen topic. It can be a hypothetical extension of a topic. Or, it can be an experiential journal; one where you write about what it would like to experience one of the situations you read about.

    2) Hard Times! and Study Guide - Using the slide presentation "Hard Times! The Depression Takes Hold" as your source material, complete the study guide of the same name. Both are found below in PDF form (or you can access the Google doc in Classroom with the slide presentation embedded in the title). Each question is worth two points.

    3) The Great Depression: Graph Study - Use the information found in the worksheet to complete the graph and answer the questions. You can print out the complete the PDF version found below (take a pic and email me when done), or you can access a Google doc version placed in Classroom.

    4)  The Dust Bowl Migration - This is a workbook activity found on page 206 of your Inquiry Journal. If you have your's at home and want to work out of it, just take pics of your completed work and email me. Otherwise, you will find a link to the digital version in Google Classroom.

    Extra Credit: If you want to do a little extra, complete "Life During the Great Depression" found on pages 204-5 of your Inquiry Journal workbooks. You'll need to refer to pages 329-35 of your text to complete. Remember, there is a digital version of your textbook found by going through Powerschool.