Section outline

  • This week we move into our unit on America's wars, beginning with World War I -- "The War to End all Wars."

    Here are the assignments for the week:

    1) Interpreting Statistics: War Deaths - Our look at WWI begins with a comparison of the casualties of all the wars involving the United States. Use the information in the chart provided to answer the questions that follow.

    2) The United States Goes to War -  As you work your way through the set of lecture notes,  extract a minimum of 25 pieces of information (you may do up to five more for extra credit) about America's involvement in WWI. Please note - your notes need to be full thoughts, not just a couple of words jotted down.

    3) Selective Service Act of 1917 - This activity can be found on pages 146-47 of your Inquiry Journal workbooks.

    4) Experiential writing - Refer to the activity, "Life in the Trenches." After reading through the various testimonies of actual WWI soldiers, place yourself in the trenches during the war. Not knowing whether or not the next excursion "over the top" will be your last, write a letter home describing the conditions (constant bombardment, vermin, disease, etc.) of life in the trenches. Note: This activity is being treated as EXTRA CREDIT)

    5) The Treaty of Versailles - This activity can be found on pages 152-153 of you Inquiry Journal workbooks.