Section outline

  • World War II comes to a close this week. We'll be taking a look at the war as it was fought on two fronts - in Europe (against Germany and Italy) and in the Pacific (against Japan). It ends with an examination of  President Truman's decision to drop the atomic bomb.

    The activities for this week include:

    1) Reading Notes - "America's War with Germany." As you make your way through the notes, extract a minimum of 25 pieces of information. or, if you chose, you may copy (they must be hand-written) the notes as they are written into your notebooks. Just send as an attachment..

    1) Reading Notes - "America's War with Japan." This is a much longer set of notes. So, the minimum pieces of information requested for this assignment will be 40. Note: If you prefer, you may simply copy the notes as they are written. But, it would have to be hand-written in your notebooks, and then sent as an attachment. This is also the last set of notes for the year, so finish strong. 

    3) Workbook activity - "Dropping the Atomic Bomb." Complete the assignment found on pages 286-87 of your Inquiry Journal.