Section outline

  • We're one week in now, and things are starting to hum. Though the classes are not quite aligned right now, they're close enough.

    This week, we begin to take a look at the basics of Psychology. What it is? Who has figured predominantly in its history? (The where and the when are also part of its history.) How has the study of it been approached? 

    Activities for the week include:

    1) Survey/Journal - First, mark which approach is best suited to you. Then, explain why. This will be done using Classroom interactive docs.

    2) Taking notes - "What is Psychology?: An Introduction" Either write out the notes by hand, or fill in the interactive doc on Google Classroom. The lecture can be found below. It is also linked to the assignment on Classroom.

    3) Examining the history of Psychology. This will be done by completing the PsychSim activity "Psychology's Timeline." If you miss class, you can complete the activity online. The links are provided below - the first to open and print out the worksheet, and the second to do the activity itself.

    4) Begin an examination of the Seven Approaches to Psychology. Yes, I have a whole lecture devoted to the topic. However, all you are responsible for copying down is the part entitled, "The Evolutionary Approach." The rest of the PowerPoint is for use as a reference source in making  a Little Book of "The Seven Approaches to Psychology." See next week.