Section outline

  • This week we alter our biological examination slightly, as we turn our focus onto the Endocrine System. 

    Monday/Tuesday: You will be constructing flipbooks on the Endocrine System. I will provide the paper and instruction, while you demonstrate your artistic and research skills. The instruction sheet can also be found below. These will be due on Wednesday. Speaking of what's due, notebooks need to be turned in at the beginning of the week. Contents includes the 3B Packet activities and the Nervous System Notes. 

    Wednesday: I've set aside time for you to work on your Neuron Model project with your groups. Have materials ready to get started. Also note that I will be here on Saturday morning for anyone who wants to come in to work on their projects then.

    Thursday: Begin copying notes on the "The Brain." Per your preference, I have included both the PowerPoint and Word versions of the text. (If you use the PPT., you do not have to copy slides 14, 17, an 18). I expect you to get at least through the Limbic System today. Please remember, condensing the notes results in a condensed grade. 

    Friday: Working in your groups today, you will be examining the Structure-Function-Location of the brain. This activity is all hands-on. Working with an assortment of index cards, each group will be charged with properly identifying each part of the the brain, where it can be found, and what it does. The worksheets each of you will be completing, will go on the next three left-side pages of your notebooks. I'll be giving you the worksheets, but just in case you miss class, both the worksheets and the word/terms are below.

    NOTE: Anyone wanting to do test corrections on the Methods and Research Exam can find the test located below. To do your corrections, you must follow these instructions or not receive credit. 1) Title a second sheet of paper "Methods and Research Test Corrections." 2) Comparing your original answer sheet to the test, write the number of each question marked wrong, followed by the entire question and then the entire answer (both letter and text) beneath it. In cases where the answer is an "all of the above" type answer, you need to write that along with all the possibilities offered. Remember, this is for more than just to get points; you also need to learn. 3) Staple your correction sheet to the original answer sheet and hand in. For every correction you get right, I'll give you a point back on the test.  This must be completed by next Friday, 10/4, for credit.

    EXTRA CREDIT: For anyone wanting, or needing, extra points, check below for a crossword puzzle, "The Brain's Building Blocks." This needs to be done by Monday, 10/7 for credit.