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Section outline

  • This is a really short week. Not only is there no school Monday due to

    We will be launching our study of research methods, which will begin with a set of lecture notes called "Psychological Experimentation." These can be found below.

    We will then return to the Crash Course Psychology video series. The related assignment to each episode will vary throughout the year, but for the first eight episodes, I just want you to write down "5 Things That Hank Said." If you want some extra credit, you may write down up to 10 things. This week's episode is called "Research and Experimentation," and can be found below for repeated viewing.

    Continuing our study, you will be completing a couple of textbook activities. Both (Psychology IQ Quiz and Graphic Organizer of Research Methods) can be found below. Use Chapter Two in Psychology and You for assistance.

    We will round out the week with a look at Identifying Variables. This activity can also be found below. This is largely a homework assignment, and will be due in by Tuesday (9/10).

    EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITIES: Two lab assignments which I usually give, I've decided to make optional for those wanting (or needing) to pick up a few extra points. 1) Conduct an interview with a psychologist. 2) Create an Experiment. Instructions for both can be found below.