Section outline

  • This week begins our study of Biological Psychology. With this unit comes a study of our body (the nervous system, the endocrine system, and the brain), and how physiology can influence both thinking and behavior.

    Moving into the Biology unit, we start things off with textbook activities relating to chapter three in Psychology and You. Although copies were made for each of you to include in your interactive notebooks, I've also included the Brain, Body and Behavior packet below. When completed by Tuesday, each of the pages will be placed on the next five left-side pages of the notebook. The right side will include ...

    the Nervous System lecture notes, which can also be found below. Breaking the lecture up in class will be the third episode of the Crash Course series, "The Chemical Mind."

    Note: An episode of Discovering Psychology - The Behaving Brain - can be found below. This is a series previously shown to class (some episodes still are). Also below, is the worksheet that can be printed out, completed, and handed in for extra credit.

    Finally, this week I will be assigning you the next project. This time, you will be working within your groups to make a model of a neuron. The project, which can also be found below, will be worth 100 points and will be due by the end of September.