Section outline

  • This week, we'll continue our focus on the parts of the brain and the functions of those parts. 

    Activities for this week include:

    1) Continuing and concluding work on "The Brain"notes. Picking up where you left of last week, you'll learn a little about hemispheric specialization and handedness, the lobes, and how to look inside the brain.

    2) Hemispheric Dominance Activity. Within the scope of the notes, the class will engage in a few activities, the first of which is determine through survey which part of the brain guides you.

    3) Crash Course #4 -  "Know Your Brain." We'll watch it in class; no notes required this time. It's posted below if you desire subsequent viewings.

    4) Spinal Cord Injury. As the other part of the Central Nervous System (CNS), we'll take a look at how the spinal cord is affected by injury.

    Remember: Your Neuron Model projects are due this Friday, 10/4.