Section outline

  • This week, we move from identifying the parts of the brain to exploring the different ways the brain may be injured.

    Actually, before we get into that, we'll finish up with the spinal cord injury quiz begun last Friday. 

    Tuesday is a mop up day, completing any outstanding activity not turned in yet. Wednesday, your notebooks are due in for grading. It will be the last of the quarter: No late work will be accepted after this Friday. So, have everything done.

    Wednesday, we launch into the next lecture, "Brain Injuries." You will start writing these on the next right-side page following "The Brain" notes. As I do not plan to finish these by the end of the week, they will not be part of the first-quarter grade. 

    Note:: It is important to remember that this Friday (10/11) marks the end of the first quarter. Again, since next Monday starts a new quarter, any past work not turned in by Friday will not be graded.