Section outline

  • The "Brain Injuries" lecture should just about be finished, so on the agenda for Monday-Wednesday is a further exploration of what can result from various degrees of damage to the brain. In fact, this whole week is devoted to the various ways the brain can be damaged and what that means.

    Aside from the lecture, you will be doing a few left-side activities to supplement your notes.

         1) Damage to Brain Structures (will be handed out in class, but can also be found below)

          2) Case Studies - Brain Damage (also handed out, but found below)

    I hope that by the end of the week we will be watching the film, "Awakenings." 

    Extra Credit:  Below, you will find an article titled "26 Fascinating Facts About Your Brain." As you read through the article, please do the following (not in your notebooks):

         1) Write down each fact with a short description of the statement,

         2) Choose any two of the facts and write a paragraph or more on how it applies to your daily life.

    If you choose to do this, it needs to be turned in by next Friday, 10/25.