Section outline

  • This week culminates our study of biology's influence on behavior.

    Monday will be spent finishing up everything that you've been working on (Brain Injury Notes, Damage to Brain Structure, and Case Studies - Brain Damage). 

    By Monday night, you will be able to download and printout the Biology and Behavior Test. This will be due in to me by the end of the week. Remember, I want you to print it out, write your answers on the test itself, and hand it in.

    After you return on Thursday (following another student-free day Wednesday), we will begin work on the next unit of study, Human Development. 

    First up will be a couple of left-side activities. These will include; 1) a Student Journal Prompt, and 2) Vocabulary Worksheet for Chapter 10. Both will be supplied to you and both will be due by the end of the week. 

    Interwoven into these activities will be the next set of lecture notes, called "Child Development." These will be due by the middle of next week. You can find the notes below. Remember - Copy everything.

    NOTE: The test for this unit (as I have said in class) is a take-home exam. You will find the link "The Brain and Behavior Test" located below. Print it out and write your answers in the left column next to each question. The test will be due back to me by the end of the day on Friday, 10/25.