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    This week, we continue the middle portion of our study of Human Development - Adolescence.

    After a day off for Veterans Day, we will do the following (all in your notebooks):

    1) Adolescence Journal - Choose one of the three prompts in the handout. This goes on the next left-side page following the second of the two Independent Practice Worksheets. 

    2) Kohlberg Activity - Two-page assignment, which goes on the next two left-side pages following the above journal prompt. Access the PowerPoint notes below to complete the six-square table page with info about the three levels (six stages) of Kohlberg's ideas on moral development. Once the notes are complete, respond to the dilemmas facing young Jonathan.

    3) Adolescence Notes - Conclusion of the lecture we started last week. Keep it running on even-numbered pages.

    4) The Life Cycle - A short set of lecture notes on the eight stages of Erikson's theory of psycho-social development. This begins on the next even-numbered page following the Kohlberg activity.

    Remember: There are a few extra credit options for this week. The Crash Course worksheets for the "Monkeys and Morality" and "Adolescence" episodes,  are due by Friday (11/15).