Section outline

  • This week marks the end of one unit and the beginning of another, as we transition from Human Development into Sensation and Perception. The new unit marks the first of many that deal with material relating specifically to you as individuals, and will hopefully help you understand what makes each of you unique. The key word from here on is "experience."

    In the first part of the week, all classes will launch into Sensation. Note: There will be no lecture for this portion of the unit. All work on Sensation will be done via what I call guided note taking (three pages) and three activity worksheets. Additionally, there are two pages on which you are requested to identify the parts of the eye and ear. In doing so, you will need to define all the terms and then draw diagrams of both with all parts labeled.

    To clarify, this week you will:

    1) Begin work on Sensation. We'll start by looking at the five senses and the various aspects of sensation we experience in our lives. Below, you will find the Sensation/Perception work packet (Chapter 4). As usual, I will provide you with the needed pages to place in your notebooks. However, you can also find the packet below.
           a) Odd-side pages include a sensation/perception journal, T-F questions, and a graphic organizer identifying the five senses (for this, you will also be expected to describe each sense and define its absolute threshold). Within this mix, will be the two pages identifying and defining the parts of the eye and ear. Instructions for the terms and diagrams can be found below.
           b) Even- side pages will be a Learning Goals Outline consisting of 20 questions. The information you write here (using Chapter 4) substitutes for lecture notes. Again, these pages will be provided to you.

    2) Define the terms of the various parts of the eye and ear, and identify their locations. You will receive a two-page activity for this which will go on subsequent pages (whether they face or follow each other).

    Human Development Test -- Before of the above, however, check for the Human Development Test below. PRINT IT OUT!!! Then complete it, using your notebook and the text. It will be due at the beginning of class on Friday. If you turn it in later in the period, you lose 25%. you turn it in on Monday (or later next week), you lose 50%. It will not be accepted after Friday, 12/13. Note: As an additional study source, I've included below a chart called Human Development Theories.

    EXTRA CREDIT: There are two extra credit opportunities available for this week. Both are Crash Course episodes ("Sensation and Perception" and "Homunculus") for which you can create an outline using the main areas of discussion and creating bullet points totaling up to 15 items. 

    BONUS EXTRA CREDIT: If you sign up and come in to Saturday School on 12/7, you'll have the opportunity to do an extra credit project on the Senses. If done completely, this can be worth up to 50 points. But, it can only be done on that day.