Section outline

  • This week, we move into the second half of Sensation and Perception, with an examination of how we interpret that which we take in through our senses. The most important thing to remember is that Perception is extremely subjective. We may all be affected by the same external stimuli, but the way we process the information and act on it is determined by our own experiences.

    The lecture/discussion (you can find the notes below) will begin at the beginning of the week, and conclude at the end.

    In addition to the lecture, you will be completing (in your notebooks) a multi-page activity on Perception. I will instruct where to place this in your notebooks. Although I will be providing a copy to each of you, the activity can also be accessed below.

    MORE EXTRA CREDIT: More Crash Course ("Perceiving is Believing"). If you want to do the extra credit offered, it will be due on Friday, 12/13. No late work.