As part of the AV East KERN STEM Network under the subcommittee for Information Technology, AV-Cyber was established to promote, coordinate, and serve as an advocate for cyber security awareness in the Antelope Valley. AV-Cyber is helping students excel by:

  • Establish a centralized cyber security hub for access by local schools, industry and partners.
    • Partner with local community college (AVC) for hosting.
    • Partner with industry/professionals unique to area (Air Force, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop, etc.).
    • Recruit and retain mentor(s) accessibility via centralized location.
    • Student2student mentoring from college->high school->middle school->elementary.
    • Provide start-up assistance to new schools/teams.
    • Access to sharing of resources (equipment, material).
  • Collaborate with local schools/colleges for students to pursue cyber security education.
    • Create/increase/align community college (AVC) and high school cyber security courses.
    • Increase the Antelope Valley's middle/high school participation in cyber security competitions.
    • Promote/creation of elementary school initiatives.
  • Collaborate with local industry/professionals for students to pursue cyber security careers.
    • Create/increase/align industry requirements for job entry via industry certification (CompTIA, Cisco, etc.)
    • Increase access to high school students participation to work based learning via mentorships, internships, placement.
  • Increase awareness and celebration of cyber security to the Antelope Valley.
    • Advocate and guide to competitions (CyberPatriot, Mayors CyberCup, etc.).
    • Host cyber security summer camps.
    • Community and school outreach/activities/promotion.

Last modified: Tuesday, 25 February 2020, 11:37 PM