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    Instructor Name: Mr. Bryant

    Email Address:

    Course Description: An introduction to Sociology. Sociology is the systematic study of human behavior and society. The focus of this class will be geared toward the analysis of human behavior, social interaction, social organization, social institutions, and social change.  

    Course Goals: The goal is to develop a ‚Äúsociological perspective‚ÄĚ, which is the ability to use sociological tools in an attempt to understand human behavior and society.

    Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment: Textbook - Sociology A Down to Earth Approach

    Major Assignments: Classwork     Homework     Class Participation     Projects     Tests     Presentations 

    Subject Matter:  The Foundation of Sociology     Culture     Socialization     Social Structure      Social Networks     Formal Organizations     

                                 Social Control     Stratification     Social Class     Family     Education     Social Movements

    Course Grading: 90-100% A, 80-89% B, 70-79% C, 60-69% D, 59% & below F (point system)

    Course Policies: Late assignments - 10% penalty for each day the assignment is late (except daily assignments, late daily assignments are not accepted)

                                  Absent work - The student will have as many days as they were absent to submit the work

                                  Assignments due on the day of an absence must be turned in the day the student returns

                                  Absent for a test - Test must be completed on the day the student returns

    Classroom Expectations                                                                                                      

    Come To Class Prepared   

    Respect the Learning Environment and Process


    No Food, Drink, Candy, Or Gum In The Classroom    

    In summary, anything that disrupts the teaching or learning process is unacceptable                                       

    Consequences for Misbehavior                                                                                                                             

    1. Verbal Warning

    2. Student Teacher Conference 

    3. Parent Contact & After-School Work  

    4. Parent Teacher Conference

    5. Period or 2 Period Suspension 

    6. Administrative Referral