Section outline


    > Read "The Minister's Black Veil," a copy of which you can find  >> HERE <<


    1. What has Mr. Hooper done that so greatly surprised his congregation?

    2. Show some examples of how the town reacted to Mr. Hooper’s change.

    3. Who is the one person who confronted Mr. Hooper about his change? What was Mr. Hooper’s reaction?

    4. How does Mr. Hooper feel about his veil? Give a quote from the story to support your answer.

    5. Explain Mr. Hooper’s dying words.

    6. What do you think the “Note” at story’s end signifies?

    These questions are due today.


    >Essay: "The Minister's Black Veil." Have the story read; you will write in class (for all periods except 1).

    Essay directions:

    • Write an essay in which you discuss the theme of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Minister’s Black Veil.”
    • Listing the theme should be your thesis statement, which belongs in your introductory paragraph.
    • Follow the introductory paragraph with paragraphs of supporting evidence. Remember, have topic sentences that are supported by evidence from the text and your own analysis.
    • Give your paper a title based on your thesis, not the assignment.

    This is due today.


    > Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary   New vocabulary  >> HERE <<  .


    >Read this   -->   history of Halloween

    Then, answer the following questions:

    1. Explain the article’s (essay’s) introduction. How does this writer introduce the essay’s topic to the audience?
    2. Find and write down the sentence (the whole sentence) serving as this essay’s thesis statement (controlling idea).
    3. Explain how this writer has organized the essay.
    4. Write down an example of a transition sentence. Explain specifically what it is doing.
    5. How many paragraphs is the conclusion? Briefly explain what this essay’s conclusion does (meaning, what is the writer doing in writing the conclusion this way).

    We will discuss this in class, but notice HOW this article / essay is delivered. 




    Handouts for the week: