Section outline


    > Review assignment from last Friday: Brutus's soliloquy from Act 2, sc. 1; 

    > Write paragraph explaining in your own words what Brutus says in the section I gave you for homework;

    > Homework: Go to Google Classroom for your homework assignment. Read the directions spelled out for you there.


    > Review yesterday's homework; >> GO HERE <<  for Slide show.


    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary -- remember, you need to scroll back two weeks to get the vocabulary list due today! 

    >> CLICK HERE <<  for vocabulary words / sentences.


    > Read in class Act II, scene 2 & 3;

    > for scene 4 (last scene in Act II) YOU will perform. I have put you in groups of 3 (or 2, if necessary). You will present to class an abbreviated version -- put into your own words -- of what happens in scene 4. There are three characters: Portia, Lucius, and Soothsayer. You will write out -- and act out! -- a "play" of Act 2 scene 4. Presentations will be tomorrow. They only need to be a minute or two, but everyone in the group needs to participate!


    > Play presentations

    > Homework: Go  >> HERE <<  .   This will take you to the beginning of Act III. Read Act 3 scene 1 to the point where Caesar is killed (NOTE: there are dual line numbers -- the actual line number [listed to the right of the text] is line 85, but you can see there are, on the left, some "FTLN" numbers. Read to the FTLN number 1238.)

    Answer these questions: 

    1. What does Popilius Lena say to Cassius? How is his comment interpreted by the conspirators?

    2. Do the conspirators correctly interpret Popilius Lena’s comment? How do we know?

    3. Who is appointed to be the first to attack Caesar?

    4. The conspiracy involves Metellus Cimber first asking Caesar for something. What is it?

    5. Caesar denies Metellus Cimber’s request, and (a little later) explains why, by saying “I am constant as the Northern Star.” Finish the part where Ceasar says this, then explain what Caesar means by this.


    Handouts for the week: