Section outline


    >Check out books: Into Thin Air, in library

    Read introduction and Chapter One -- answer questions that cover these two sections:


    1. What reason does Krakauer (the author) give for why he was on Everest in the first place?

    2. What reason does he give for writing the book?

    Ch. 1:

    3. Explain Krakauer’s emotions as when he finally arrived atop Mt. Everest.

    4. What was the “alarming sight” Krakauer saw at the Hillary Step on his way back down the mountain? Why was this a problem? 

    5. What had Andy Harris done to Krakauer at the Hillary Step that caused serious problems for Krakauer?

    6. At the beginning of the book there is a section called “Dramatis Personae.” Find in that section the list of clients (paying customers) for the Adventure Consultants expedition. Write down the names of those clients.




    Vocabulary Quiz / New vocabulary; QUIZ 


    >Into Thin Air chapters 2-3 due today; Quiz over chapters 1-3;

    >Handout: The characters of Into Thin Air; due tomorrow.


    Into Thin Air chapters 4-5 due Monday!

    Survey: Log in to a Chromebook and take the following survey:


    >Handout" Adverbs

    Finish vocabulary and take practice quiz on

    As a reminder, your class codes are here:

    • period 1: rxc3820
    • period 2: frj8699
    • period 3: pfr6389
    • period 5: cev6929

    Character List handout from yesterday is due today;


    Handouts for the week: