Section outline


    >Counselors in to hand out course selection sheets for next year; we will go to the library FRIDAY to register;


    >Periods 1-3: Into Thin Air, ch. 16-20 due today.

    > Periods 4-6: Bless Me, Ultima, Ch. 14 (only) due today.

    WEDNESDAY: -- this is a full day, with release time at 2:53 PM.

    > Vocabulary Quiz / new vocabulary;

    Vocabulary Puzzle, 


    Flex Day

    Active and Passive Voice: see PowerPoint below for notes;

    Handout: Active and Passive Voice -- see below.


    Registration in library; check in with me first, though!

    > Periods 1-3: Into Thin Air, Ch. 21, Epilogue, and Postscript all due today!

    > Periods 1-3: Writing assignment, due Monday:

    See the intro quote to Ch. 21 of Into Thin Air. On your own, read that quote over and discuss what it means (it's pretty straight forward) and discuss how that idea applies not only to Ch. 21, but to the entire story.

    Paper can be typed (double-spaced) or hand-written. Be thorough. Paper should be about 1+ pages.

    > Periods 4-6: Bless Me, Ultima, Ch. 15-18 due today!

    Periods 4-6: Writing assignment, due Monday: 


      Handouts for the week: