Section outline


    PERIODS 1-3:
    >Groups -- reviewing Into Thin Air

    For your groups (per person): due Thursday; you will present this as a group to your class. Think of this as a group review of your book. Plan out how you might like to present this to the class -- Discussion? Google Slideshow? Posterboards? Something different? It's up to you.

      • List 3 events as they pertain to Krakauer’s story
      • List 3 climbing / Everest / regional facts the book gives -- the "extra" info Krakauer includes in his book that is not about the 1996 tragedy on Everest. This might be background information on some of the climbers, history of Mt. Everest, life of a Sherpa, etc.
      • Come up with 1 GOOD multiple choice quiz question, and 1 open-ended question.
      • (Ex., M.C. Q: Mt. Everest straddles which two countries? A) India and Pakistan; B) Nepal and India; C) Nepal and China; D) China and India)
      • (Ex., O-E Q: What might Krakauer have done differently when Andy Harris told him there were no oxygen bottles available at the south summit?)

    Groups are as follows:

    PERIODS 4-6:

    Writing assignment: Bless Me, Ultima, Ch. 15-18: 

    Antonio states, “I felt sorry for him, and I felt bad that he was punished while I had been excused.” Explain the quote literally, and then explain how this mirrors Antonio’s questions about God. Cite specific examples. Paper should be about one page in length.

    Turn in last Friday's handout with your written response.

    Chapters 19-21 due Wednesday; Chapter 22 (last chapter!) due Friday.


    > More work on active / passive voice; these will appear on your weekly quiz, so study and ask questions!

    > With remaining time you may continue working on your group presentations / read your next chapters.


    > Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary;

    > PERIODS 4 -6:

    Bless Me, Ultima, Chapters 19-21 due today;


    > Presentations -- you need to be here for credit! 


    PERIODS 1- 3:
    > Leftover presentations; if we are done, we will have the Multiple Choice test today for Into Thin Air. If presentations spill over to today and there is not enough time, then we will take the M.C. test Monday.

    >Bring your books today -- we will return them.

    PERIODS 4 - 6:

    Chapter 22 due today;


    Handouts for the week: