•Good fact/opinion distinction, good thematic news:
–(liberal agenda setting):  New York Times, Washington Post
–(conservative agenda setting):  Wall Street Journal, The Economist (London)
–PBS Newshour.org – Center/Liberal
•Fiery Points of View, episodic news/poor thematic news:
–Conservative:  Fox News.com
–Liberal:   MSNBC
–Center/Liberal:  CNN
•Good thematic news, not so up-to-date
–Atlantic Monthly,  The Altantic.com   (center/liberal)
–New York Review of Books.com   (liberal)
–The Nation  (leftist)
–National Review.com (conservative)
–The Weekly Standard (conservative)
•Others:   Peruse radical magazines/newspapers, Breitbart, Infowars (fringe (conspiracy-prone) right,  DemocracyNow.org Mother Jones magazine (conspiracy prone, far left)
•Local News:  LATimes.com (liberal editorial slant, AV Press (conservative editorial slant)

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