Dear Students:

Your extended essay proposal on April 3.    We have discussed directions in class.  Here are some of the highlights:

Introduction:  Grab the attention of the reader with an interesting puzzle or discussion of the importance of the topic.   Then state formally the question that you are researching.  Remember it should be analytical or evaluative and not just descriptive.   Be sure to include the IB subject.  Use the IB extended essay guidelines posted on the Theory of Knowledge website on (at the top of Moodle above calendar as PDF and under March as a website)  Personally, I find the PDF version to be easier to read.  Download the entire document on to your computer so that you can easily search it. 

Methodology:  This should be the longest section of your proposal.  You show how you are going to address the question.  What empirically/rationally will you be examining to support proposed arguments or hypotheses?  What resources will you be using?  Make specific citations to articles/books that you have found at the library.  (Use in-text citations)

Conclusion:  Reiterate what you are planning to research, its importance, and the arguments/hypotheses you are testing.  

Works Cited:   Build a reference page.  Any recognized style of referencing is appropriate.   Keep in mind you can use Easybib (there is an extension you can upload on google docs).  Add a sentence or two annotation for each reference, explaining the utility of work.  (For example: "this website provides data on migration patterns of the monarch butterfly as it makes it way from CA to Mexico.")

Submission of work:  please print it out.  Submit it also on Google Classroom. 

I will grade your proposal.  An A or a B proposal means that I approve your extended essay proposal and the next step is to secure a supervisor.  Less than an A or a B, I will ask you to revise the essay until it meets our goals. Your grade will correspondingly improve upon revision.

Feel free to email me if you have questions.



Dr. Reti

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