Section outline


    >Periods 1-3: Ch. 1 in Of Mice and Men due tomorrow;

    >Periods 4-6: Reading assignment #1 in Fahrenheit 451 due tomorrow;


    Reading Inventory -- we will be doing this is class on Chromebooks. Instructions will be on the board.

    After the Reading Inventory is over, Go to Google Classroom and find your assignment on COMPOUND NOUNS AND COLLECTIVE NOUNS. Once on the assignment page, find the two URLs you will need, and open them as separate tabs or windows. Read through those pages thoroughly. Once you feel comfortable with the information, take the quiz posted to Google Classroom. This quiz is due by 7:30 Am tomorrow morning.   -- Don't do this.


    Periods 1, 2, 3:  
    Of Mice and Men, Ch. 1 due today; You will have a quiz, so be prepared!

    Handout: Study Guide for Ch. 2 -- due tomorrow

    AND . . . Find 2 examples of foreshadowing in chapter 1

    Assign: Ch. 2 in Of Mice and Men, due Friday

    Periods 4, 5, 6: 

    Fahrenheit 451, part 1 -- read to "They had this machine" on page 12; stop at the gap right before this.

    handout: due tomorrow

    Assign: Read to gap before "One two three four five six seven days: the firehouse." (I think it is on page 29 in your books.) Due Friday.

    Assign: Find in reading Assignment #1: 

      • 1 example of conflict; 
      • 2 examples of setting; 
      • 2 examples of foreshadowing -- 1 that gets resolved, one unresolved; 
      • one salient (important) quote 


    Vocabulary due; new vocab assigned;    >>CLICK HERE<<   for next week's vocabulary, or see word document below.

    Vocabulary QUIZ today.

    Silent Reading -- when you finish your vocabulary quiz, read your novel in preparation for your next due date,  Friday.

    Review handout and assignment from yesterday.


    >Notes on Character (see below); Then, using "The Pedestrian":

    1. Select 4 personality characteristics of Leonard Mead. Find evidence in the text to support each of your selections.
    2. Identify who in “The Pedestrian” is the protagonist. Also, identify the antagonist.
    3. Are the characters in “The Pedestrian” round or flat? How do you know? Static or dynamic? How do you know?
    4. Find 2 ways Leonard Mead is indirectly characterized.



    Periods 1, 2, 3:

    >Of Mice and Men Chapter 2 due today; expect quiz.

    >Study guide for Chapter 2 (see below) -- due Tuesday;

    Assign: Of Mice and Men, Chapter 3, due Tuesday.

    Periods 4, 5, 6: 

    Reading assignment #2 due today: Read to gap before "One two three four five six seven days: the firehouse."

    Due Tuesday: Reading assignment #3: read to "He had chills and fever in the morning."

    Choose one of the 5 segments from Fahrenheit 451  >>LINKED HERE<<  and analyze it. Directions were given in class, and are at the top of the page the link here connects to. 

    Due Tuesday.

    Saved for later:

    Homework: Read "To Build a Fire," by Jack London. Due Monday (<-- Click the title to go to the story)

    • Read the story and identify the narrative hook and climax of the story 
    • Describe the setting and characterization (protagonist, antagonist, foil characters, round/flat characters, static/dynamic characters)
    • Discuss the conflict in the story, including whether the conflict is internal or external


    Handouts for the week: