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    >Notes on adjectives. Powerpoint below; 

    > Classwork: Adjectives from pictures -- see powerpoint below; directions are in the powerpoint


    ClassworkIdentify all of the pronouns and adjectives, except articles, in the following passage. This is due in class today.

          Along the foot of a tilted red rock a porcupine came....It broke open a tiny shelter of sticks and some meager round-eared creature, all eyes and bony limbs, fled across the stones.

         The porcupine, ignoring it, was about to devour the beetles ...when suddenly it paused, raised its head and listened. As it remained motionless a brown, mongoose-like creature broke quickly through the bushes and disappeared down its hole. From farther away came the sound of scolding birds.


     Vocabulary Quiz, new vocabulary;  Click  >> HERE <<  for vocabulary. 


    Handout -- Adjectives and the nouns or pronouns they modify

    PSAT booklets -- assign Section 2, #1-5. Have this done by tomorrow. We will go over this in class.

    Periods 4-6:

    The stages of Guy Montag --  >> CLICK HERE <<  for assignment (Google Doc).

    >> CLICK HERE <<  for the example I showed in class about Captain Beatty.

    "The Stages of Guy Montag" is due tomorrow. Submit your assignments to Google Classroom


    Both classes: review PSAT booklet problems from yesterday;

    >Periods 1 - 3:

    Periods 4 - 6: 

    FH451 Final Paragraph

         Bradbury has said that his book is about the TV replacing books in society, not about censorship. Do you think Bradbury was right to fear that modern technology would replace books?  Use examples from the book and your own personal experience to argue whether Bradbury was right or not.

    Homework for the weekend: Read "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment," found here. Answer the same questions for "Dr. Heidegger's Experiment" as are listed on Monday for "The Interlopers."    <-- This assignment is postponed. 


    Handouts for the week: