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    > Review Reading #3 in FH451. Read to the gap before "He had chills and fever in the morning."

    > Assign: FH451 Reading assignment #4 -- read to the end of part 1, due Thursday.

    >Find 2 examples from reading assignment #2 and/or #3 that show Montag is changing (dynamic character). They can be actions, direct quotes, observations from other characters, or narration hopping inside Montag’s head.


    > Review PSAT Reading Comprehension section, assigned yesterday -- pages 7-9 in booklet, questions 1-9.

    Poem: "Richard Cory," -- E. A. Robinson

    Poem questions:

    1. Write out the rhyme scheme

    2. Find:

    ·         Alliteration?

    ·         Assonance?

    ·         Consonance?

    *Not every poem will have these things. Remember, these are done for effect, not by accident, so often they will stand out, and are supposed to.

    3. Describe in your own words what “we people on the pavement” thought of Richard Cory. What lines indicate this?

    4. Describe “we people on the pavement.” What did you read that tells you what they’re like?

    5. What does Richard Cory do at the end of the poem?

    6. What is the theme of the poem?


    > PSAT Test -- this is NOT a flex day!

    Periods 5, 6: In class, score 80% or higher on practice vocabulary quiz on site;


    > FLEX DAY

    Vocabulary quiz / new vocabulary  -->  New vocabulary   >> HERE <<  .   


    Handout: Setting in Fahrenheit 451. Complete the chart. For the question of MOOD -- see the chart below to get an idea of what MOODS might be found in literature:

    Mood wheel


    Handouts for the week: