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    >Substitute in today

    1. Read the short story, "The Devil and Tom Walker," by Washington Irving, then write an in-class essay (due today!) on the following topic:

    Explain how plot, setting, and character contribute to understanding the theme of the story.  (Think about writing a paragraph each for plot, setting, and character, and connect it to the theme.)

    Essays should be one approximately one full page. Papers of only a few sentences or of a single paragraph will receive a score of ZERO. You need to put forth honest effort.

    2. Handout: Poem -- "Eldorado," by Edgar Allan Poe. Handout has the questions on it. This is due tomorrow.


    >Google Classroom -- Poetry Terms

    Find the assignment. The form has several terms to define and give examples of (NOT "use in a sentence"). Make sure you look for the literary definition (for example, for the term "apostrophe" DO NOT put down "a punctuation mark" -- "apostrophe" as a literary term has a completely different definition). 




    >Vocabulary Quiz / new vocabulary 

     >> CLICK HERE <<   for next week's vocabulary.


    >Review of Tuesday's terms; see notes (with examples) and assignment  >> HERE <<  . 

    Assignment is at the end of the slide show linked above. use the notes in the slide show to help you! You cannot use the examples in the notes or the ones you used Tuesday; find NEW ones!